Best Hospital Management Course in West Bengal

Best Hospital Management Course in West Bengal - HIM

Best Hospital Management Course in West Bengal


Hospital Management is a two-year post-graduate course offered in many colleges in India and abroad. It is a specialized Management course like other MBA degrees, except that you will be trained to fulfill the knowledge and skills required in Healthcare management. Hospital Management may also be referred to as Hospital Administrations, or Healthcare Management course in some institutes, but the curriculum is mostly the same.

Due to the pandemic, healthcare as an industry has regained our interest and attention, and thus the importance and popularity of this course are only increasing every day. In West Bengal, there are several colleges that train students to become Hospital Administrators. Following is the list of some of the most notable Hospital Management courses in West Bengal.

As a disclaimer, it can be added that the following list is not a rank, and each of the institutes is reputed and they all have a lot of value to add to a prospective student’s career.

  • Haldia Institute of Management, Haldia
    Master of Hospital Administration is a 2-year professional program for clinicians, managers, and administrators who are interested and ambitious to succeed in the Healthcare sector.  Hospital administrators are frequently the face of a hospital who are in direct contact with the general population. They are exceedingly engaged with the network as well as with the board and the financial specialist relations, expecting them to collaborate with a wide range of individuals so as to keep up the subsidizing and support activities.
  • Haldia Institute of Health Sciences, Haldia
    You can get a Master in Hospital Administration or MHA degree. HIHS takes their own admission test for this course, with an intake capacity of only 16. This being a college dedicated to Health Sciences, you may find a larger network of like-minded peers and faculty to guide you through your career in the Healthcare industry.



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