HIM-Best Hospital Management College in WB

Dr. Sarmistha Agasti

Assistant Professor, Haldia Institute of Management

While using growing need for the industry, medical
centre management courses have become very popular. A
person from a medical or a non-medical backdrop can pursue a
job in hospital supervision/Administratorafter completion of UG
or PG Course in Health Management.
A healthcare management degree prepares a student for
success in a variety of positions at hospitals, clinics, nursing
homes and more. While the healthcare management career
path will be unique.
The hospital plays a very important part in the delivery of
healthcare services. In a hospital, unlike organisations, all the
employees at different levels of the hierarchy are equally
important in determining the clinical outcome.
The first and foremost or ultimate goal of any industry is
customer satisfaction. Now a days all the good business
organisation will first look into the matter of customer
satisfaction specially in case of service sector like Health care
industry. Without proper training and education it is very difficult
for a manager or executive to satisfy the customer and both UG
and PG course of health management in HIM help students to
learn to manage any kind of emergencies in society as well as
in the organisation and how to help the communities in better
and easier way with academic excellence.
After this COVID-19 situation, the need for more trained and
qualified people will be required to face the challenges of Post
Pandemic situation throughout the world, so the job
opportunities for this students will be very high.

Haldia Institute of Management is one of the best Hospital
Management College conduct 2 courses in Hospital
Management, one is Undergraduate courseand other is post
Graduate course. Both are affiliated by MAKAUT. These
courses are designed to equip students with advanced
management skills required to organise and regulate complex
healthcare delivery system. The comprehensive programs aim
at strengthening the student’s functional skills and nourishing
their understanding of multidimensional healthcare
organizations by covering a wide range of subjects pertaining to
Business administration and Healthcare Management.
Why Haldia Institute of Management is the best? Since it

  1. Opportunities to study these courses in this rural area.
    2.The best qualityeducation with highly qualified and
    experienced faculty members and the best infrastructure.
    3.Teacher-student ratio is well maintained.
    4.Internships at well-esteemed health care organisations.
    5.On the job training.
    6.Opportunity to attain national and international conference at
    the college premises.

And the last but not the least “Haldia Institute of
Management is Committed to Communities”

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Admission Open For Session 2023-24
Helpline: 7797917797
Admission Open For Session 2023-24
Helpline: 7797917797