Fees Structure

Course Fees for Academic Session 2020-21
COURSE NAMEDuration Admission Fee (one time)1st Sem2nd Sem3rd Sem4th Sem5th Sem6th Sem7th Sem8th SemTotal
BBA (HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT) 3 years15,00028,50026,50028,50026,50028,50026,500NA NA 1,80,000*
BMS (Pharmaceutical Management) 3 years15,00028,50026,50028,50026,50028,50026,500NA NA 1,80,000*
Bachelor of Business Administration 3 years15,00028,50026,50028,50026,50028,50026,500NA NA 1,80,000*
B.Sc. Gaming & Mobile Application Development  3 years15,00028,50026,50028,50026,50028,50026,500NA NA 1,80,000*
Bachelor of Optometry 4 years 28,00029,50028,50029,50028,50029,50028,50029,500 28,5002,60,000*
Master of Hospital Administration  2 years26,00044,000 43,00044,000 43,000NA NANA NA 2,00,000*
*Excluding Hostel and University-related fees.
NB: For Foreign Student Fee Structure Call: (+91) 7797-91-7797,  Email: admission@himhaldia.edu.in
Hostel Fee
Hostel NameHostel Caution Deposit (one time)Seat Rent (per month)Seat rate (per Semester)
Nibadita Hostel (Girls only)3000/-1500/-9000/-*
Begum Rokeya Hostel (Girls only)3000/-1500/-9000/-*
Utshab Bhawan (Boys only3000/-1500/-9000/-*
*Excluding canteen and fooding charges.