Director Desk

Welcome to the new era of healthcare management and administration. This is a call from a healthcare industry-specific study, training and grooming of students to make them fit into the new arena of healthcare management and administration and activity emerging in the healthcare scenario of the world. Healthcare industry is one such area having exhibited a smart and courageous growth even during recent financial crisis the world has experienced. The health care and services related to entire gamut of health management and patient care have been facing an increasingly shortage in the adequate blend of manpower who would actually fit in the requirements of the system that would make the system grow magnificently. The rate of growth on an average experienced by this particular sector has been on the high in India, other Asian countries and other advanced part of the world. Due to the huge population of India and the ever growing need for proper healthcare system has given rise to numerous private hospitals and nursing homes.These new age hospitals and nursing home just not treat patients but also make patient feel comfortable and homely during their treatment tenure.

It is in this context that Haldia Institute of Management has taken a decision to run the BBM(H) in Hospital Management and Master in Hospital Administration courses. We have also introduced two unique courses namely BMS in Pharmaceutical Management and MMS in Pharmaceutical Management & Gaming & Mobile Application Development and M.Sc. in Human Computing & Artificial Intelligence first time in Eastern India. Both these courses train students in every field of hospital management and administration. The students will have constant hospital training programme during the period of study and at the same time a wide range of interaction with the relevant people having appropriate knowledge and expertise of running hospitals and nursing homes. This will make the students understand the practical needs of the sector. They will have scope for a special and vertical growth within the broader aspect of the industry in Asia, other Asian countries, Europe and other advanced countries. Since 2004 Haldia Institute of Management has been training the students to become professionals in the field of Health Care Management and Administration.

I welcome all students who are participating in the above courses. May you make Haldia Institute of Management proud by your accomplishments in coming future. May your stay and study in Haldia Institute of Management be worthwhile for the rest of you life.

Dr. S. N. Bandyopadhyay