B.Sc. in Gaming and Mobile Application Development

Best Bsc Gaming College in West Bengal

A new innovative course in the field of game and app development, BS.c in gaming and mobile application development is a way to a new horizon. The ever increasing trend of playing games in electronic devices created an urge from the academic & industry to recreate a curriculum mainly focused on development of entertaining and enjoyable games and useful applications, making it the best college to learn B.Sc. in gaming and Mobile Application Development in West Bengal.  

Keeping in mind all these requirements, the course has been designed by a panel of experts in industry academia relationship, to bridge the gap of education provided in the institution and the demanded quality in the employees.

The course mostly contain Game Physics, Artificial intelligence, Java, Database Management, Mathematics, Data Structure, Mobile Application and Game Development etc. 

These subjects are very helpful for their future to make a successful developer.

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