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10+Top Most Career Options

Career after BBA

Haldia Institute of Management is the best undergraduate management college in West Bengal. Bachelors in Business Administrations (BBA) is studied here. If you are interested in business and find yourself best in the retail world you can study BBA. You have various career possibilities in BBA. In our college, this course helps you to move […]

Bachelor of Optometry

Scope of Bachelor of Optometry

Haldia Institute of Management (HIM) is the best bachelor of Optometry college in West Bengal. Optometry is the study of the functions of the human eye. In optometry, correct treatment and diagnosis cure eye-related problems. It helps to cure optical-related symptoms, refractive errors, using lenses, etc.An optometrist is a doctor who treats all the abnormalities […]

Benefits & Strategies Implemented for Risk Management

Benefits & Strategies Implemented for Risk Management

HIM is the best management college in West Bengal. The management college also identified many risks. So it is the process to identify and control threats in an organization’s earnings. These risks include legal liabilities, accidents, natural disasters, and financial uncertainty. Benefits of risk management include: •              For this the work environment is safe for […]

Inventory Control | What features need to manage inventory?

Inventory Control

The process in which the products are kept available in stock to avoid shortages, overstocks, and other costly problems. Through Inventory control the number of slow-selling products decreases and high-selling products increases which saves businesses time and money. It avoids the space in the warehouse resulting in save of money and time.How to start!• Types […]

What Is Time Management? | How To Manage Time

What Is Time Management?

Time Management is the way that you organize and expend how long you can do your tasks. The benefits of time management are as follows: •              Higher productivity and capability. •              Professional reputation is high. •              Less stress. •              It increases opportunities to achieve goals. If you fail of your time you have to face […]

What Is Risk Management

What Is Risk Management?

The process to manage the unfavorable effect in an organization by making and carrying out decisions to minimize this kind of risk is known as Risk management. The effects are like insurance premiums and claims costs. To control the risk it is necessary to pay more attention thus protect the business from uncertainty, reduce costs, […]

Business Management Career

Business Management Career

The study topics in Business management are general business principles, financial analysis, data analytics, organizational effectiveness, and strategic planning. In this field, jobs are like finance, banking, and business administration are there. Why one may Pursue a Career in Business Management? With business management degrees many enterprises and public-sector organizations need adept professionals. These degrees […]

Tips to prepare better for an interview

Tips to Prepare Better for an Interview

Interview tips are as follow: 1.Properly dressed to command respect: One should be well-dressed to make an ideal image in an interview. Selecting proper clothes, accessories, makeup, and a hairstyle should be maintained that gain trust in your targeted industry. So make sure the clothes are wrinkle- and stain-free. Looks modern and is both age- […]

EDMS | E Management System

Electronic Document Management System

What Is Electronic Document Management System? A framework of tools to manage the creation, use, and storage of documents in multiple formats, created throughout an organization is called an electronic document management system (EDMS). Electronic document management is a comprehensive system knowledge is enabled the workers to adeptly organize and distribute documents across the organization […]

Future of management education

Future of Management Education

Future of Management Education: The world is expanding at such a rapid pace that even diviner finds it difficult to predict the future. But, we know one thing for certain – change is inevitable. We are facing nowadays a daunt oddity of high unemployment. Universities have dawdled by not adapting to today’s needs and are […]


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